Kool Kats Kolors & Numbers



Kool Kats TM Kolors & Numbers

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Author of Super 7 Girls & Boys Book Series


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Kids love to learn and now the Kool Katz are teaching kids all about Kolors & Numbers.

This book features English as well as Spanish and Chinese words for Colors & Numbers.

All in a Kool Book authored by Dr. Sol Adoni.


Dr. Adoni has 13 Honorary Degrees for his work in Math and Physics, he is often called the Great Genius.


Dr. Adoni is also a famous Artist and the Creator of the Kool KatsTM NFT Art Tokens used in this book to teach your child about Colors and Numbers using the adorable Kook KatsTM.


Kool KatsTM  also have a complete gear line including clothes and items like bedding and even mugs as well as Kool KatsTM Notebooks and Phone Cases.


You can find more info on Kool KatsTM Gear at KoolKats.fun


Kool KatsTM Art is available at KoolKats.art




Kool Kats TM

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